Probably this is the solution for every Samsung NC10 owner with an ssd?

Please comment on this
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Sammy probably can't 'TRIM' :(
Unfortunately, Samsung decided to castrate their nc10-version of sammy. Intel's say that the chipset is capable of AHCI. Not sure what Samsung had in mind with that, probably forcing customers to throw away their 2-3 year old device --> "If you want SSD with AHCI, pay again for it"

I really like Sammy, he is doing a great job, already for 3 years.

What i don't understand is why they (Samsung Support)  can't simply tell that the NC10 isn't capable to properly support ssd's (i mean in case of TRIM support), or if it is, what to do.

By the way, there was once a bios firmware which had a hidden menu to enable AHCI ;)

The german support guy was rather rude, he told me that newer devices do not have AHCI.
Then literally threw me out of support chat.
I mean: WTF!
Newer devices should have this at all cost, shouldn't they?

Samsung's hardware is great, at least those devices i bought over a long time (LED TV, monitors, usb disk, netbook). Everything still works great, great value for money (big bang for your bucks ;) )

Samsung's support is crap, standard answers, no technical information, no changelogs with updates. Why should i do a recovery? I don't need to explain a problem for 40 minutes to have somebody tell me that i should do a recovery.

Samsung Support guy at Emergency Call Desk: Did you crash your car? Are you in it? The Door is stuck? Oh right, we can't help you on this, please go to a local support mecanician.

I will not give up on this topic. Samsung will officially say that the NC10 can or can't do AHCI.
I searched a lot of forums, despite of the hidden bios their was, Samsung never commented on anything about this.
Customers pay for their products, so they have a right to be informed properly.

I already know that the NC10 can't do it, but at least they should properly agree to that.

So long and thanks for the fish ;)

Greetings, Guen
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Samsung Support. Enjoy :)
info: Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
info: You are now chatting with 'Kate'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.
info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK5640749967X
Kate: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?
Visitor: hello ;)
Kate: Please go ahead with the question.
Visitor: i own a netbook, Samsung NC10. i recently changed the hdd with an ssd. now i am missing an option to switch the controller to acpi mode. what can i do about this?
[i meant AHCI, but she did not see the typo anyway ;) ]
Kate: I see that you are not chatting from the US, was the unit purchased in the US?
Visitor: i am from luxembourg. there is no support for luxemburg. so i tried german support live chat. that person was rather rude and not helping at all.
Kate: I'm really sorry to hear that.
Visitor: thank you
Kate: May I know if you are unable to install the system drivers on the laptop?
Visitor: everything is fine with the drivers. it's only that the controller is still in IDE mode, which is fine for traditional harddisks, but not for SSD'S which work much better in AHCI mode
Kate: Could you give me few minutes while I provide you with further information?
Visitor: take your time, i will be away from keyboard for a few minutes too then, alright?
Kate: Thank you.
Visitor: you're welcome
Kate: I will be right with you.
Kate: I am sorry this is taking longer than usual. Could I have a few more minutes please?
Visitor: sure go ahead
Kate: Thanks for holding.
Visitor: no problem
Kate: Follow the link given below to perform a complete restore and check if it works:
Visitor: would that be a restore of the operating system?
Kate: It will restore the complete Windows to it's initial settings.
Kate: Then check if it works.
Visitor: i see
Visitor: this will not help tho ;)
Visitor: i reinstalled windows when i got the ssd
Visitor: there is no option in BIOS settings to switch the harddisk-controller to AHCI instead of IDE. so i was wondering if there is no way to achieve it
Kate: I understand but it will not reload the old Windows, it will just restore the current Windows to it's initial settings and also reset all the settings on the laptop.
Kate: No, there's no option in BIOS, if the restore doesn't work then you need to contact any service technician or get it serviced with us where a service center will diagnose the unit and will fix the unit.
Kate: Let me provide you with a link where you can file an online service request. You can get back to Live Chat with the ticket ID LTK5640749967X anytime if you run into issues filing the service request. We are available 24X7.
Kate: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
Kate: Sorry for the typo.
Visitor: i see, is there any way to contact a technician who knows if the samsung nc10 is even capable of AHCI? or which of the newer netbooks from samsung is?
Kate: Please ignore the above statement and link.
Kate: You need to contact any local service technician for further assistance as this will be done only by a service technician.
Kate: You can contact the store where the laptop was purchased to get this information.
Visitor: *smiles* they don't even know what an ssd is at all
Kate: I'm sorry; but we do not have further information, so you can contact any local service center to get the information.
Visitor: there is no local service center from samsung in my country ;)
Kate: Then you can contact any local service technician who will check the unit and provide you with the information.
Visitor: i'm sorry if i didn't understand. where to contact a local service technician?
Kate: You can contact any local computer store available locally to you.
Visitor: As i mentioned, those are only vendors, not helpfull. That is why i try to ask Samsung Support directly ;)
Kate: I understand but further information will be provided by only a service technician so you need to contact your local store as we do not have have information on the products manufactured out side the US.
Visitor: It is a Samsung NC10, same one everywhere in the world, only thing changing is the keyboard layout
Kate: I understand your concern but the further information will be provided only by a service technician, so you need to contact any service technician available locally to you.
Kate: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
Visitor: As i said, there are no service technicians available locally. Thanks for your help.
Kate: Thank you for chatting with us. If you have a minute, please click on the blue “X close” button to receive a transcript of your chat and fill out a brief survey to help us serve you better. Have a wonderful day!
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linux & ssd - part 1
Some benchmarking before:


hdparm on /dev/sda:
Timing cached reads:   1144 MB in  2.00 seconds = 571.68 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: 250 MB in  3.01 seconds =  83.04 MB/sec
Timing O_DIRECT disk reads: 352 MB in  3.01 seconds = 116.84 MB/sec

linux & ssd
Dear Ubuntu Users,

Lately i did some research on what you should or could do in linux if your computer has one of those 'fancy' solid state disks. I found a lot of howto's and technical stuff.
Next step will be to filter the "stuff" and write down how and what i did, to (hopefully) tell Ubuntu on how
to communicate in a more 'friendly' way with sammy's ssd ;)
Note: sammy = Samsung NC10 netbook

Stay tuned, more to come soon!

I'm all ears and eyes for your comments, questions, opinions, whatever you want to say/know ;)

[This is a crosspost from my journal. Please comment in my journal only, that will be easier for me to manage ;) Thank you!]

Friendly Greetings, Guen

first post ;)
Hello dear Readers,

So this is my first post here. Well, i'll try to report about different stuff on a more or less daily base.
Since i like computers, internet and socializing, i guess this blog will be the right way to find more
companions to share stories, have fun together, and help out.

Probably, atm to start with something, the main topic off my blog will be about my experiences with Computers, especially (Ubuntu) Linux. I own a sammy netbook (Samsung NC10), which is about 3 years old, but still works flawlessly. (OT: Many thanks to Samsung for such a good piece of hardware!) ;)

Not sure about how much people are blogging regularly at LJ, but i do hope that i'll find friends here after a while.

Stay tuned ;)

Greetings, Guen


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